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The Number 1 Mistake Realtors Make When Selling Your House
Selling your house in Charleston? You have 1 shot to get it right Looking to sell your house on your own, or looking specifically for a Charleston Realtor?  Regardless of which path you are going to take, you need to have an exceptional plan in place, in order to sell your house. Who are you going to hire? Whats your timeframe? What kind of marketing will be done? How are you going to stand above all the house-for-sale noise? What Im going to write about today is only ONE POINT in marketing your house.  And that is, marketing your house online PRIOR to getting the house on the market.  Yes- thats the magic pill.  The pill not taken certainly by MOST realtors.  Why?  I honestly dont know.  It is such a large mistake.  I believe its an OLD school of thought with big brokerages, that has trickled down from the top since the old days.  Brokers in Charge would tell you to venture out, get an appointment, get the listing, and then get to work.  Im shaking my head right now typing out that last sentence.  Such an old-world, archaic, way of thinking. First of all- everyone knows you need to be listed in the local Charleston MLS. That is literally the best marketing one can do considering EVERY realtor has access to the MLS. And then from there, it gets fed to THOUSANDS of other websites that consumers see.  But what about all the marketing that needs to happen PRIOR to going into the MLS?  This is the single largest error I see the average real estate agent make, is that they stick a sign in the yard, put it on the MLS, and THEN begin marketing. Ive even seen real estate agents so eager to get a house into the MLS, that theyll take one single photo of the front of the house...from their car out of the window  Such a missed opportunity, and heres why: When you see promotion for music artists, or a restaurant opening on a specific date, you see such a large marketing budget for the event, leading up to that date. Wave after wave of marketing, promotion, awareness, and hype. Same should go into putting a house on the market.  You want THEM to come to YOU.  This is a ONE-TIME shot to get it right, so you need to put everything you have into the Not in the MLS yet mindset.  People want whats not available yet.  They want new.  They want what they cant have.  You want to build this marketing campaign and gain momentum well before going on the market, which is the Main Show. So that means getting this news out on Instagram, on Facebook, on NextDoor, the prior WEEK before going live.  Photos of the house, Coming Soon.  Blogging about it.  Getting people to share so that it can go viral.  Turning up the interest, emailing realtor friends, post cards mailed to neighbors for the upcoming listing (neighbors talk They are sometimes your best salespeople). Anything you can do to generate that interest BEFORE going live.  Because that will get you buyers competing for your house.  And what happens when buyers compete with each other for your house?  MULTIPLE OFFERS.  So go ahead and ask your realtor, What are you doing for me before we go on the market?
06/12/2019 01:56 PM

2019 Taste of James Island April 27th
Its that time to come out to the 2019 Taste of James Island  Come out and support James Island Outreach, and the town that you live in. Mingle with all your neighbors while enjoying some of the best weather that Charleston has to offer on April 27th at the First Baptist School Athletic Field. Theyve got great FOOD, music by Calhouns Calling amp; Wildflower Station, door prizes, KIDS activities, and a raffle James Island Outreachs goal is to serve the citizens of James Island and Folly Beach with emergency food, medicine, and utility assistance.  Take a look at what theyve accomplished in 2018: - Served on average 180 clients per month representing 385 total family members monthly- Provided ~120,000 pounds of food assistance (10,000lbs per month)- Provided ~$15,000 in financial aid for utility and medical assistance- Relocated to a new and much larger facility on Camp Rd. (July 2018)- Converted to a client choice and wellness pantry. So there you have it, come on out and support your local community.  Youre sure to have a great time, and also support a great cause
04/10/2019 05:16 PM

Please help donate to Janies Fund Steven Tyler and Edie Allen give back
I need your help  Ever heard the song by Aerosmith, Janies got a gun? It is a song about a young girl abused by her family. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think. Steven Tyler is opening up another Janies House on February 10th, and my life coach and dear friend Edie Allen is speaking at the Grammy Viewing Party in LA - These young girls dont have a voice, but Steven Tyler and Edie do Please help my dear friend and her cause. Anything you can give is a small miracle. Thank you, thank you.  More about the story HERE: Tylers philanthropic project, Janies Fund, gave about $500,000 to renovate a home for abused and neglected girls in the Memphis area. The home, which operates with public funding through Youth Villages, houses about 14 girls at a time on a campus in Bartlett.  The home will become the second Janies House within Youth Villages. The fund also renovated a residential facility in Atlanta, which reopened as in 2017.  
01/28/2019 06:00 PM

What does your house mean to you?
When I pull into my neighborhood, I feel at home. As I drive in, I see my neighbors walking their dog, walking with their kids, and kids riding their bikes with friends. I know these people, they are my neighbors. I make it a point to wave to them, to talk to them, and to engage with them. As I turn into my driveway, I look at my yard. I love my yard. I’ve worked on it, it’s tough…but worth it. Cutting, edging, blowing, trimming and planting my favorite plants and shrubs. But it’s mine I walk up my front porch and turn the doorknob to my house. It’s unlocked. It probably shouldn’t be, but I know it’s fine. It’s safe. I walk in the door and my dog barks and barks (too loudly) and greets me. Talk about unconditional love My kids are playing in the background and my wife yells ‘Hey babe’ from somewhere in our cluttered, unclean, perfect house. I smell the smells of diced onions, peppers, and whatever else is going on in the kitchen. Our kitchen. I hear the sounds of pots and pans crashing, the kids unloading the dishwasher, and of course our dog Max getting in the way around everyone’s feet. I walk out to the back screened in porch for a quick second before helping. Our screened in porch. Everyone knows in Charleston, the screened porch is probably the most-used room in the house. My house. Our house. I am so grateful for everything that I have. I’m so grateful for anyone reading this. But this is what I do. I don’t sell houses- I provide the opportunity for someone to carve out their special place in this crazy world to call their own.AND I LOVE IT.
08/06/2018 12:22 PM

Beach Erosion and Renourishment at Folly Beach, SC
Have you noticed increased sand, rocks, and groin size at Folly Beach lately?  Folly Beach had received a $10 million dollar grant in 2018 from the Army Corps of Engineers for beach renourishment.  As you may or may not know- Folly Beach has had its share of concerns over beach erosion due to a few factors.  One (and the most important) reason for the erosion of sand on Folly is due to the Charleston jetties in the Harbor.  The Charleston jetties were constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers years ago, in order to preserve the deep, dredged channels extending outwards to the Atlantic Ocean for container ships inbound and outbound through the Port of Charleston.  The unfortunate byproduct of these jetties are that they are blocking the natural flow of sand from the north, to the south.  This is why we are seeing accretion of sand along the southern area of Sullivans Island (where it is building up), and erosion along certain areas of Folly Beach. Another reason is due to the Noreaster storms we see in the winter, and of course hurricanes (every now and then).  These storms can temporarily take out sand/structures, but the folks that live along the beach are resilient, and always come together to help each other rebuild.  I was here for Hurricane Hugo in 89 and still remember it well as a kid.  Also, Hurricanes Floyd, Bonnie, Matthew, and Irma as well.  These storms certainly are atypical- and any local will tell you- theres nothing that we cant take on (especially after Hugo).  But we havent had a close call in quite some time- so its just part of living in Charleston and at the beach.   The latest grant will pump sand from the Folly River, through the middle of the island near The Washout, out to the beach through a series of pipes.  Ive also noticed the rocks along the shoreline are now twice as thick in girth, and the groins from The Washout, westward, have been rebuilt.  This should ease homeowners minds, and help cease (or at least defer) the erosion. On a side note- if you love hunting for megalodon shark teeth or gigantic conch shells- head out to the beach on the mornings after they are dredging and you can find some incredible shark teeth
05/16/2018 02:40 PM

Is winter the best time to sell a house in Charleston?
So you are thinking of selling your house, but dont know when the best time to sell might be.  You hear it often from realtors or friends at dinner parties- that Spring is the best or, Summer is red hot.  Sure, those could be the best selling times, but you have plenty of other options, that might even be better than those times, and heres why. Most of the time, there are other factors and circumstances that surround your decision making regarding selling.  Whether is is a new job, a relocation associated with a job change, an end of a rental lease, etc.  Even if you could time it for the best month (April?), you may not even have the ability to do so. In light of this, heres my argument why the winter might be the best time to sell for you. I. Less competition You know the drill, when the markets hot- you are surrounded with others trying to accomplish the same goals (sell high).  As a matter of fact- you can have 3 or 4 others selling, on your same street  With so many others competing to sell at the same time- it is often a cutthroat game, and competition makes it that much more difficult.  If you are selling in the winter, you may be the only choice for one of the 60 buyers that are buying every day in Charleston. II. Less Inventory (available homes) With so many houses on the market in the spring/summer, it is much easier to stand out to buyers in the winter.  Like I mentioned, in summer- it is tough to rise above the market noise, difficult to stand out.  In the winter, less homes on the market, less inventory for buyers- and Ive seen this drive up the price in micro-markets (neighborhoods). III.  Fewer tire-kickers In the winter you have SERIOUS BUYERS with serious motivation.  You many not appreciate this now, but you wont have 30 showings in a week with 85 of those being tire-kickers trampling through your house.  Spring/summer get a lot of looky-loos, while winter buyers are serious and have an immediate end-goal in mind.  Plus, I dont know too many folks that want to go out to open houses in freezing 30 to 40 degree weather just to look, either.  Sure, in the spring/summer it happens all the time- but in the winter you have folks that have to move for specific reasons noted in the second paragraph above. IV. Consider you may be purchasing, too One aspect to think about when selling, is that youll most likely be buying, too.  And for a higher price typically (moving up).  So if you are buying in the winter, you wont be competing with all the craziness of spring/summer, and will be able to find a house thats right for you, with less buying pressure to move so quickly. Yes, there might be less homes available, but you most likely wont HAVE to make an offer THAT DAY on a house in order to secure your dream home. There you have it- winter is a great time to buy or sell  It just depends on a good Charleston realtor, some strategic planning, and knowing your market and audience when selling your house in Charleston. Good luck this winter Beautiful Rainbow Row photo courtesy Catherine Ann Photography:
01/15/2018 05:10 PM

How Does Due Diligence Work in Real Estate?
When you make an offer on a home in Charleston- or even South Carolina, there are different contingencies that should be apart of any real estate contract.  Typical contingencies such as a home-sale, financing, appraisal, and inspection contingencies.  So what about due diligence, where does that fit in? Regarding the home inspection contingency in paragraph 8 of the South Carolina contract, you typically can go one of two ways.  Either a Repair Procedure, or a Due Diligence Addendum. The repair procedure spells out how long you have to complete any home inspections, but it specifically states in the contract which items are to be addressed.  Typically, these are major home items/systems such as Heating amp; Air systems, plumbing, electrical systems, structural integrity of the home, and the roof free of leaks.  If any of these areas are in need of repair, then the buyer must deliver, via a repair addendum, a list of items that need to be repaired.  This list may be negotiated back and forth between buyer and seller any number of times until all parties come to an agreement.  The sellers have until closing to make any/all repairs agreed upon. Due diligence is a little different (and in my opinion a favorite if I am representing the buyers).  Under due diligence, the buyers have any number of specific business days that they see fit (typically 10 business days or less) in order to perform any due diligence on a property.  So this not only means any repairs found in the home inspection (like that of the repair procedure above), but also any questions that need to be answered regarding the property prior to moving forward.  Questions like, what are the annual taxes?  What is the homeowners annual hazard insurance (this could be especially high if they are in the windpool).  Questions about dock permits if the property is on water.  Flood insurance costs, etc.  Any questions that need to be answered prior to buyers agreeing to move forward. So a popular question is- Can the buyers back out for any reason under a due diligence contingency?  Well, Im no attorney but under due diligence the buyers should be able to walk until that due diligence date is met.  They DO need to notify the sellers in writing that they are not moving forward, though.  Because if they do NOT notify the sellers in writing, then they are accepting the property in as-is condition if they DO NOT have a SIGNED, executed/ratified repair addendum by that date. I hope this helps differentiate between the two types of repair procedures currently in South Carolina.  Like I said, if I am representing the buyer- I like to use a due diligence addendum.  But if Im representing the seller, I like to see a repair procedure contingency.  Neither one is the absolute best. And always remember- it all boils down to this.  Does the buyer want to buy and does the seller want to sell?  Because no matter how convoluted things can get, it all comes down to that
07/26/2017 03:03 PM