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Why Should You Use a Mortgage Broker?
In a home buying process, hiring a broker is the easiest part. Despite the fact, most people don't know what brokers do in the process of home buying. If you don't know these pros either, you may be losing a lot of money. Given below are a few reasons why you should use the services of a good mortgage broker.
01/18/2019 09:56 PM

How To Find More Home Mortgage Refinancing Clients
I remember before the 2008 Housing Crash that nearly everyone who didn't have a job was suddenly a mortgage broker. Everyone wanted to get in on all the home owners wanting to refinance. Buyers were everywhere, and everyone was making money until they weren't - and we all know what happened after that. Now we see the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and it is starting to take a huge bite out of the mortgage business.
12/21/2018 07:24 PM

Home Mortgage Business Marketing
With increases in interest rates, it is starting to hit the mortgage business. Fewer are looking for refinancing and real estate sales are slowing. This means it's time to up your marketing game, as there are fewer takers. With this in mind let's talk a little about your online marketing and your advertising.
12/21/2018 07:24 PM

Home Equity Loans With Bad Debt: 6 Steps Before Getting a Loan Specialist
You can get home equity loans with bad debt if you have the right resources. Adequate research and some assistance from a loan specialists can help you compare your alternatives. For any loans with bad debt, the first step is always to get a copy for your credit rating and make steps on improving it.
07/26/2018 01:17 PM

How to Qualify For-Low Interest Mortgage Rates
In recent time, I have been in touch with various banks and lenders to know about the way they work or how they choose someone to obtain a loan or gate mortgage approval. Here are some personal thought and experience of mine.
07/22/2018 04:16 PM

Looking to Buy or Refinance Your Home? An Online Mortgage Calculator With Taxes Can Help
If you want to purchase a new house, one of the first things you need to know is how much it will cost you and if you are able to afford it or not. If you don't make sure of it and go for purchasing the house, you may end up regretting it big time in the future. So how should all the complicated calculations be done for you? Well, the good news is you can benefit from using an online mortgage calculator with taxes. This kind of calculator will calculate everything for you including interest rate, principal, insurance and taxes. So if you want to learn about online mortgage calculator with taxes, please keep reading since in this article were going to introduce it to you.
07/04/2018 11:20 AM

What Factors Affect Home Loan Rates?
When you want to get a home loan, a lot of different factors will affect how high or low your home loan rate will be. These important factors will be taken into consideration by the lender you are dealing with and they will decide what kind of home loan with what interest rate you qualify for. Of course if you learn what these factors are and you can change them in some way, maybe you will be able to get a deal which is a lot more to your benefit then if you went with the first option the loan company offered you. So if you want to learn about these factors, please keep reading since in this article we are going to talk about just that.
07/04/2018 11:19 AM