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2MP and 31% DTI Test
Under the 2MP program, do the banks take into consideration your new modified 1st mtg payment in order to stay with in the 31% DTI? Mortgage Loan Modification
10/28/2011 09:00 AM

Traditional Modification
Do you have to pay any fees for a traditional mod? Mortgage Loan Modification Answer: The banks do not typically as you to pay a fee to apply for a
10/28/2011 08:14 AM

Do Unemployment Benefits Count as Income?
Do unemployment payments count as income and are your bank statements proof enough that you were paid the unemployment (automatic deposit)? My bank (B
10/28/2011 07:48 AM

Foreclosure Stopped While Being Considered for Loan Modification
Point #13 above states that if a foreclosure is in process, it is stopped during the trial period or while alternative options are being considered.
10/28/2011 06:51 AM

Will my Credit Be Affected by Trial Loan Modification Period
Will my credit be affected during my 3 month trial period for HAMP? My mortgage company just approved me verbally over the phone for a 3 month trial
10/28/2011 05:52 AM

Received Approval Then Next Day Denial
I went into foreclosure then immediately started the loan modification process. After about 2 months of faxing all needed paperwork I received a letter
10/26/2011 07:32 AM

I applied for a HAMP loan modification but did not accept the terms
We applied for a modification in March of 2009. We were given a 3 month trial offer 9 months later, (that I am assuming was the HAMP Loan Modification
10/26/2011 07:25 AM