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Northern Vs Southern California - Where Is Better Land Investment?
With the current real estate market in an unpredictable state due largely in part to the economic crisis that has affected the world, there are opportunities presented by the situation. There has not been a better time to invest in land in California. The challenge however, is deciding where in the state to concentrate your investment in, northern or southern California.
10/12/2011 07:35 PM

Why Land Investment Is Still Lucrative During This Recession
Ever since the start of the current financial crisis many so called experts and news stations have been making it seem that the real estate market, including land, has all but been destroyed. The truth, however, is that land investment is not responsible for the current recession. It is because of the recession that land remains one of, if not the best, option for investment.
08/05/2010 07:17 PM

Why Using Land As Your Investment Vehicle is Better Than Gambling in the Stock Market
When thinking about where to invest your money, one of the questions you will likely be faced with will be whether to invest in land or in stocks. The decision may seem challenging at first but in the long run you will quickly realize that it is a no-brainer. Using land as your investment vehicle is far better than using the stock market.
08/05/2010 07:04 PM

Why Land Foreclosures Are at a High Point and How to Profit From It
The land market has reached an ideal state. There is great scope for buyers whereas for sellers there is rather crisis. Foreclosures are something that landlords are suffering from but buyers will be able to gain access to pertinent investment opportunities.
03/12/2009 04:19 PM

Why Today is the Best Time to Invest in Land, Specifically Because of the Recession
The economy is in a pendulum situation. It goes up and afterwards it falls. These trends of uncertainties do actually inflict upon decision-making. It develops convenient deals for buyers from motivated sellers. The land market is now ideal to invest in.
03/12/2009 03:04 PM

If You Own Land and Want to Build, Today is the Day
The global economy is in a recession that can hardly be hampered. Businesses across the world are facing demand obstacles. The majority of businesses have lowered their prices simply to remain in business. This general activity has promoted future development. Competition is tough as supply is high and demand is low thus a favorable price has been established. It is thus pertinent to capture this unique opportunity to develop your land.
03/11/2009 02:07 PM

Smart Locations to Invest in Land
In America, people can invest in land in different states and catchment areas. There are some places which are considered much better than others. We call these regions "Smart Locations".
03/10/2009 01:54 PM

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