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What s a Wrap Mortgage
It may sound tempting for sellers but it's too risky Wrap-around mortgage is a loan that a lender takes responsibility for based on the current mortgage
07/21/2019 08:25 PM

Take It From CalPERS
What a string of failures can do Last Month the California Public Employees Retirement System CalPERS has experienced its largest blow when its losses on real estate investments ballooned to $600 million
07/21/2019 08:25 PM

A Quick Guide to Shopping Rates Online
how to choose the best mortgage Shopping for mortgage has never been easier but these tips will guide you on how to properly compare mortgage rates
07/21/2019 08:25 PM

We Need More National Open House Events
America needs to get going It was a successful event that thousands of sellers were able to benefit from
07/21/2019 08:25 PM

A Trend Away From Outdoor Living
Americans won't be spending much Among landscape and garden features 2010 will feature an increase of design elements that reduce time and money
07/21/2019 08:25 PM

The Out of Town Appraiser Has Arrived

07/21/2019 08:25 PM

City in Focus Des Moines Iowa
Business and career options are plenty Housing is affordable with a median home price of just $149,000 one-quarter the price of a home in the San Francisco area
07/21/2019 08:25 PM