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POST iOi Real Tech investing & My Thoughts on the numbers
I have just returned from NAR's iOi conference and my mind is on fire I am so excited for what is to come, not just for me or for REW, but for our industry. I have been inspired by the amazing entrepreneurs I was fortunate enough to spend time with there, whether it was a brand new prop tech founder with eyes on taking over the world, or more established leaders like Chris Smith of Curaytor who have broken through some massive barriers and come out the other side with some wonderful companies. For those of you who don't know (which is probably most of you because I had no idea) iOi is the National Association Of Realtors "Innovation, Opportunities & Investment" conference. It was just held in Seattle and I have to say, for tech entrepreneurs & investors (and those looking at getting an edge in tech) it is probably the best conference in the entire industry. (And there are some amazing events). Seriously, I had no idea When my head of industry Laura Monroe reached out and said, Morgan this iOi conference is close to us and we have some friends involved, would you be willing to be a speaker and a judge, I was like huh? Who? What is it now? So I took a call from an old colleague Glenn Shimkus (formerly Cartavi & Docusign) he explained what they were trying to do, and who was involved (you know, guys like Bob Goldberg, CEO of NAR and the rockstars from NAR Reach / Second Century Ventures Dave Garland, Mark Birschbach, Tyler Thompson. It sounded fun, and as someone who is seriously looking at the market right now (as an investor and acquirer of prop tech companies for REW, it just made a lot of sense. I really loved the content, I loved being a speaker, the networking was amazing and the venue was great But what I really loved was engaging with the entrepreneurs. I got to speak to so many start ups and early stage companies, hear their stories and of course their BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Let me tell you, there is NO shortage of confidence or enthusiasm in that room. It’s quite exciting. One thing did stand out to me though (and this is not new, in fact it’s quite common in my dealings with newer or less experienced entrepreneurs) and that is when it comes to building their business and where it might go (the financial, investment, acquisition side of the business) they really had not yet learned how the market works. And it makes sense They are busy building their businesses and focused on growth, profitability, scaling etc. They do seem to know that at $100M in SAAS revenue with low churn they can likely get 10x and have a billion dollar business (and that is their BHAG) but what many of them don’t seem to know is that there is a reason for the 10x and that it does not apply to them. And that reason is because it is almost impossible to build a business of that size and scale. And of course they all hope they are worth 10x today. This is of course not the case. This was actually the topic of many of my conversations and I WISH that Chris Gough’s presentation on capital markets and M & A was earlier (which in my mind was the best presentation of the whole conference) because it would likely have helped provide some needed context and authority when I was speaking with these founders. My takeaway on this whole thing is that there is a knowledge gap in our industry in terms of technology valuation, M & A, multiples the whole thing. And while I am by no means a Chris Gough, I feel that our journey has taken us quite a bit further down the path and I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from many experts (much more experienced than I am) about how the investment world looks at your business. I’m going to use our actual numbers (the true story of REW) as context because I think it might help our readers recognize this as less theory and more reality. To answer all those who are wondering my thoughts on prop tech valuations and how the market looks at our companies, these are my thoughts. They are by no means gospel and any savvy investor or adviser will tell you that private investment is far more of an art than a science. I base this on my observations of the markets over the last 20 years and the hundreds of data points I have personally observed from deals that have both been public, and those that I have private knowledge of the inner workings and financials of those deals. Again I’m no expert so just use this for comparative context to your own business, but now that I’m the “old guy” instead of the “young gun” I do think I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Take it for what it’s worth So what kind of businesses are we talking about here? It’s important to note that different business are valued differently. The residential brokerage business for instant is based on EBITDA multiples (typically between 1-3x EBITDA) whereas pure SAAS business (true SAAS businesses) at scale are 10-15X of top line. It’s a MASSIVE difference. SAAS based tech companies are worth far more than most any other kind of business. Specifically I’m talking about the residential real estate prop tech business which is really the “tech stack” from lead generation to close. So think companies that do lead gen, websites, IDX, CRM, Transaction Management, Accounting and all the things in between. I’m talking companies that are generally well north of 50 SAAS. So let’s look at the numbers The following graphs shows our example revenue growth over time and the multiples that I believe would be appropriate to assign to our company as a retrospective considering “today’s” investment climate. Let’s look at some of the moments in time with some commentary. 2004-2007, this new company has growth of 85, 75 and 84. Looks pretty awesome right? Who wouldn’t want to invest in this company? Well I wouldn’t, at least not unless I got a ridiculous deal to come in AND if (and this is a HUGE IF) the founder somehow convinced me they had not only a great product but that they were the kind of person who could scale a business long term at some serious numbers. The reality is this, building a business in real estate to $1M-$1.5M is remarkably (relatively) easy. Experienced investors know this. Flash in a pan, offer market exclusive shiny object type companies do this every year and just a few years later 95 of these companies are gone. I know this because I’ve been doing this for 20 years. investors know this even more. So if you’re in this category, 1 congratulations (because honestly that is still awesome, and worthy of praise) but 2: You need to be honest with yourself, your company is not worth anything. Not even a 1x multiple because the odds are it’s going to fail. It doesn’t matter that you say you’re awesome (we all think that). It doesn’t matter that you think your product will change the world (we all think that too). It doesn’t matter that you think you’re smarter than all the other guys (I learned the hard way, that attitude actually makes you worth “less” not more). My advice in this stage. Come in humble and ONLY take on a partner or investor if you absolutely have to. Otherwise give it a few years, keep growing, get to the next stage and earn some credibility. Then you can start talking about how you have proved the concept, shown you can run a successful business and that the market values you more than just the next “thing”. The last comment I’ll make on this early stage is on the comparative value of the investor vs your company. At less than a million or two dollars, if you’re targeting the top of the top investors (those that will not only massively accelerate your company, but also come with contacts and resources that most could never access? Their time (just their time) and the value they bring to the table is actually worth more than your entire company. If they show an interest (and make a commitment) make sure you value and honour their time. Remember, be humble at this stage. The next gap is the $1-$5M category (Again this is for residential prop tech). This is still a relatively common category although it is far more difficult to get into this category than the first category. It’s probably 10 or less of those companies that get anywhere also get to this category. And those that make it to the higher end of the category? They are rarely seen in residential prop tech. It’s simply too fragmented of a space and very difficult for new companies to come into. It’s this category that you start getting multiples in (if you’re growing and profitable) but again you need to be realistic, if you spend any amount of time in this category, for that period of time you’re likely a 1-2x multiple. In the sample company above, the company stayed in the 1-2 multiple range for quite some time. Why? It’s growing and it’s profitable, shouldn’t it be worth more? The answer is depends. Think about it this way, if it’s growing REALLY fast then it will get out of this revenue range quickly (and onto better multiples) but if it’s not, even if you’re quite profitable (let’s say 25) if you get stuck in this category (which averages 2.5 million) your take home EBITDA is $625,000 and your business is still relatively small (too small for a serious investor to see a return). Often in these businesses just a few lost customers can cause a massive swing in their margins and it is more common to see these businesses fail or lose ground over time than succeed onto the next round. But do the math: You are at $2.5M with $625,000 EBITDA and you could get 2x top line? That’s $5M for a business that’s not very safe, and has not shown it can grow into the future. Put another way, that is like getting paid your entire paycheque for 8 years (EIGHT YEARS) without the risk of losing your business, having to deal with customers, or staff. That would be a pretty exceptional outcome. So don't get cocky, if you wan a better multiple, get yourself out of this category and onto the next one. You're not worth much here and your opinion or what you read about bigger companies than you getting bigger multiples won't change that. The next category is the $5-$10M category. This is where you start to see multiples increase. Why? Because it’s REALLY hard to get a business to $5M in SAAS revenue in residential real estate. 10x harder than the 1-5M category which is 10x harder than the category before that. So how we’re at 1000 times harder than just starting a SAAS business and actually making any money. At this size early stage investors start to take you seriously. They recognize that you “might” be really onto something depending on the numbers (how is your churn, how is your growth, what is your profit and how long does it look like you will stay in this category. Again, you might get stuck here. And if you’re profitable (even at just 5-10) it’s actually quite a nice place to be. You are making a great living, and hopefully enjoy what you’re doing (you could probably do it for a long time). But let’s remember, multiples are tied to future value and so if you stay here your multiple will be limited. In our sample company I have this company pegged at 3-4x top line revenue. This is validated by several very public 4x offers once the company reached the $10M mark which you may have seen on Dragons Den. So if you get here, you get to the top of the range quickly and you look like you’re still growing, you can look at 3-4x top line revenue if all of your other numbers are good. That’s 15-40 million dollars. Very few people in their lifetime will ever be able to say they brought a company to that level. If you can get here, you should be VERY proud of yourself. Looking at my list of companies that I follow, I cannot think of more than 10 companies in this category right now. It’s pretty rare Following the $5-$10M category is the $10-$20M category. As you can see the bands are starting to get bigger as once you hit scale investors are going to hope to see you leverage an experienced management team, have well honed systems, be cross selling into your customer base, price optimizing and doing lots of other things that actually drive revenue faster. And how hard is this again? Each rung in the ladder is 10x as hard. It is 10,000 times harder to get a business to $10-$20M in ARR (AT LEAST 10,000 harder) than it is to start a business in prop tech that makes $ at all. Don’t believe me? Name more than 5 business right now that fit into this category. Unless you are watching the space and are an investor with lots of contacts, I’m willing to bet you can’t name 5. Why? Because for even the best companies it’s damned near impossible to get there. A lot companies say they are going to get there, and my answer to them is “that’s awesome, so get there” but until you do (until you actually achieve what you say you can do) no investor is going to believe you. Why? Because everyone says that, and no one ever gets there. You are no different (not to an investor) they have no reason to ever believe that you will. They pay for reality and results, not for how much confidence a founder has in themselves and their abilities. For the $10-$20M category (with growth, profit and reasonable churn) we have seen from 4-5X top line in terms of purchases. That’s $40-$100M in valuation. It pays to get to this kind of scale and there are actually a reasonable amount of investors and buyout firms that will look at you at this size and depending on your product there may be a few strategics that will value your scale / market penetration and look to pay a premium. Shall we keep it going? We really don’t have too many categories left to explore. The reason for this is, there has never really been a large number of companies to exceed the previous bands. But let’s do a few more just because. I’m going to put the next band at $20-$40M, growth is probably slowing at this point on a basis simply because it’s much harder to grow a $40M company by 50 (adding $20M in revenue) than it is to grow a $4M by 50 (adding only $2M in revenue). At this level, again you would be hard pressed to find 5 companies in the space. They are among the largest prop tech vendors out there and most of them (if they exist) have already taken funding or been taken out by strategics or VC’s. You probably know the names (because these deals hit the news), Boomtown, CINC, Inside Real Estate, Lone Wolf, Market Leader (the first time), Dot Loop . They all got taken out in or around this range. By taken out, I mean their founders got some great news as they received offers from multiple suitors and each of them sold the majority of their shares to some big investment company for a huge amount of money and their early investors and owners did very well. And they SHOULD HAVE They worked their asses off and did the near impossible. They got their companies to an unheard of scale and were at the point where they could be a strategic play for some companies or a central platform to build around for roll up or tuck in acquisitions. Bottom line we’re in the VC buy box now You’re almost a unicorn). These deals are rarely publicly disclosed, but I would put the multiples on these deals in the 6-10x range (though I heard one of these deals went for a whopping 13x, it’s a rumour and if it’s true that company WAY overpaid.) The final category (if you miraculously have not been bought out yet) is basically $50M+ ARR. Get here and I think you’re virtually guaranteed an 8-10X+ multiple as long as you can keep the rest of your numbers healthy (low churn, profit, growth etc) and really you should be able to. At scale SAAS businesses become extremely profitable because of the economies of scale. These businesses (which are virtually unheard of in real estate but exist many other places in SAAS categories outside of real estate) drive multiples and profits that are extremely strong, tend to be sticky, and far more protected from erosion. They are category leaders. This category is also my BHAG, I want the unicorn status too But in the meantime, I know we have to get there for someone to say we are there. It won’t just happen (nor will anyone ever pay like it happened) just because I say we can do it. This is the central theme of my post: Be realistic with where you are (RIGHT NOW) I’m going to leave you with these final comments 1: Investors pay for facts not stories 2: You are worth what your numbers say you are worth TODAY not what you hope your numbers will be tomorrow 3: You cannot sell anyone on what “might” happen “after” they invest. That growth will have been because of them, not because of you. 4: If you really could have done it, you would have done it. Stop bullshitting people (and yourself) 5: If you really can do it, then do it You’ll get your credit when hit your numbers, not before. And on a final note: Please remember this is all based on a specific set of circumstances: Growth, Profit, Low Churn. If you have no growth cut the numbers in half or more. If you have no profit, cut the numbers in half again and if you have high churn, cut the numbers by half yet again because churn is the bane of all SAAS business valuation. I hope this helped. Reach out to me with any question
08/24/2019 06:34 AM

What’s New In REW’s First Summer 2019 Release
The Real Estate Webmasters team is thrilled to announce the first new platform release of Summer 2019. This release includes some awesome new updates to Discover. The new update rollout process will begin Tuesday, August 6th for all eligible clients. Watch your inbox for notification of when your site has been patched New Features for Discover Our first summer release brings an exciting new features for the Discover platform From adding enhanced search options to increasing your ability to get even more leads, this release is all about capturing more leads than ever before. IDX Real Estate Search Unleash the power of search in the newest update to your Discover real estate website Discover offers portal-inspired home search technology and exceptional localized search. In the first Summer release of 2019, that technology is brought to a whole new level. Site administrators can now choose the options that site visitors see, right from the idx search and quick search bars New options include popular selections like search-by-school (elementary, middle, or even high school) and more. How To Tailor Your Site's Real Estate Search Excited to customize the search options on your site? Adding the newest options are as easy as pie. Login to the backend of your REW website From the hamburger menu, choose "Listings" On the Listings menu (left-hand side of screen), choose "Searches" Select "Default Search" Add more options via the "Add a Panel" drop-down, or Remove options easily by clicking the trashcan to the right of each search criteria Options available will depend on your IDX feed. If you would like to add search functionality that is particular to your business model and market, your Account Manager can absolutely walk you through this process. Reach out to them directly, or contact our Customer Service Department. Get More Leads With Improved Registration This update includes something special for those looking to get more real estate leads. The first release of the Summer includes improved functionality of registration from listings details pages. This powerful change ensures leads are captured first, by asking them to register first. You can control whether this is forced registration or optional right from your site settings. READ: Study - Should Real Estate Websites Use Forced Registration   100 Increase* in PPC Leads Discover PPC clients, hold on to your hats ... this update is really for a gamechanger for you. Our testing has shown some amazing results on our test cases. The average increase was over 100, amazing news for PPC clients Not a PPC client? If you already have enough leads, then maybe PPC is not for you. REW's PPC services are for Realtors who are looking to take their business to the next level and close more sales than ever before. Read more to learn about the ROI of real estate PPC. On average, our clients see a 100-200 return on their investment, and in this industry, that is not something that too many agents can pass up Questions? Our lead generation experts are here to help. *this update increased PPC leads by at least 100 in our test case clients. Your results may vary. Thanks for stopping by We appreciate your continued feedback on how to make REW products even better. Have a product suggestion? Send it to and we'll be happy to review it.
08/07/2019 03:28 PM

Real Estate Webmasters and Lone Wolf Technologies Form Landmark Integration Deal
Exciting news Partnership paves way for over 1,000 Lone Wolf customers to transition to Real Estate Webmasters, the industry’s leader in real estate CRM and lead generation software  In a landmark deal for the real estate technology industry, over 1,000 web customers from Lone Wolf Technologies ("Lone Wolf") are poised to transition to Real Estate Webmasters as part of an integration partnership between the two tech companies.    While financial details were not disclosed, this deal, announced on Friday by Real Estate Webmasters CEO, Morgan Carey, marks a pivotal change in the world of real estate technology. "We are extremely excited to be able to bring the best in class of real estate websites and CRM from Real Estate Webmasters, and combine it with the amazing transaction capabilities Lone Wolf's products," says Carey.    Where Real Estate Webmasters is a leader in real estate websites, CRM, and lead generation software, Lone Wolf is the dominant player in residential real estate software, providing transaction management and back office tools. Lone Wolf provides distinctive end-to-end software solutions for industry professionals. In their ever-expanding portfolio, Lone Wolf has recently acquired zipLogix™, a leading provider of transaction management, electronic forms, and eSignature solutions for the industry.    The addition of zipLogix™ follows the heels of their acquisition of Instanet Solutions, a leading provider of transaction management, electronic forms, and eSignature solutions. With this premier expanded transaction management portfolio, Lone Wolf is able to simplify the transaction process for agents and brokers across North America. Real Estate Webmasters shares in Lone Wolf’s vision of creating an integrated ecosystem of real estate technology solutions, and this first-of-its-kind integration partnership goes a long way toward achieving that goal.    "We feel that this will bring some really interesting data and unique opportunities," Carey shares. "When you combine where a real estate lead comes from with how much an agent or broker makes from the close of that sale, it is truly chocolate and peanut butter."    As part of the partnership, Lone Wolf will discontinue selling their current web platforms and offer the users of these solutions an exclusive opportunity to migrate to the more advanced Real Estate Webmasters platform. This will ensure that Lone Wolf’s website customers have an opportunity to receive an industry-leading website product and service offering, The two companies will also create an integration between the REW platform and Lone Wolf’s transaction management solutions to create a true lead-to-close solution.  
07/10/2019 10:45 AM

Product Lifecycle at Real Estate Webmasters
We strive toward a software best practice to deliver the best products and experiences for our clients. Old technology is prone to security risks and performance standard declines. They also become cost prohibitive to maintain. We are proud of every product we have released, yet retirement is required to keep up with the pace of technology changes. The active management of our product suite is intended to sustain product simplicity and meet innovation standards. Product Announcements Our in-market products can expect to receive quarterly improvements and optimizations. These releases are available to products that have not reached their end of service life and deprecated. Our account management team strives to have upgrade discussions regularly with our clients. Life Span by Product Frontend Platform Date of Availability End of Service Life* Discover June 2018 Estimated 2021 REW Leads Android April 2018 Current + previous release Vision August 2017 Estimated 2021 REW CRM June 2017 Current + previous release REW Leads iOS April 2017 Current + previous release Backend 4.7 September 2016 August 2019 The Fredrik August 2016 August 2019 rewIDX Android July 2016 Current + previous release The Elite June 2016 June 2019 Backend 4.6 September 2015 August 2019 Barbara Corcoran March 2015 March 2018 Backend 4.5 January 2015 January 2018 Backend 4.4 April 2014 April 2017 Backend 4.3 July 2013 July 2016 rewIDX iOS March 2013 Current + previous release Backend 4.2 November 2012 November 2015 Backend 4.1 January 2012 January 2015 Currently Supported Devices & Browsers Device Operating System Browsers Apple Phones/Tablets iOS 12iOS 11 Chrome 74Chrome 75Safari iOS 4Safari iOS 5Firefox iOS 15Firefox iOS 16 Android Phones/Tablets 987 Chrome 74Chrome 75Firefox 67Firefox 68 Windows Desktop 107 Chrome 74Chrome 75Fireox 67Firefox 68 Mac Desktop MojaveHigh Sierra Safari 11Safari 12Chrome 74Chrome 75Firefox 67Firefox 68 *End of Service Life (product deprecation): The product or feature is beyond its life cycle for technical support (defect fixes). Education support will continue to be available via email through our Customer Experience team. Any product improvements or maintenance may be discussed with an account manager to initiate a professional services project.
06/07/2019 09:57 PM

What's New in REW's Second Spring Release
A core principle of innovation is incremental improvement. At Real Estate Webmasters (REW), we reorganized our Product Development team earlier this year to dedicate focus on transformative projects, new product features, and platform optimizations. We did this as a commitment for our clients to trust that while we build new capabilities, we also enhance existing ones. This is Real Estate Webmasters' second product update of Spring 2019. This release brings with it over 60 updates to Discover, Vision, and REW CRM. This includes IDX Social Connect branding updates, performance and functional upgrades, and several new features. The new update rollout process will begin on May 23 for all eligible REW CRM clients. Clients will be notified via email when their site has been patched. REW CRM REW CRM is receiving a few upgrades that will help your workflow. What's Next Badge - The What's Next task icon in the Leads screen now displays a notification badge with the number of tasks that are overdue or due soon. The What's Next badge shows there are two "overdue" or "due soon" tasks. Improved Performance - We have added pagination to the Agents roster in REW CRM, which will greatly improve backend performance for teams and brokerages with large numbers of agents. This will improve performance for campaigns, categories, form letters, and templates. Google PageSpeed Insights Testing - In our continued pursuit of optimization and web performance excellence, REW measures performance as part of our product launch readiness check. Our development incorporates Lighthouse's developer-specific monitoring tools. In this latest release, we have added Google PageSpeed Insights to our benchmarks. We recognize that our clients rely on Google PageSpeed Insights and this added step is our commitment to ensure speed and functionality are integrated in our development efforts. Results from PageSpeed Insights return real-time web experience data that is in close alignment with our clients' and their customers' experiences. From the results, we proactively baseline, identify, and remedy performance issues. The result is to continue delivering the high-calibre experience you have come to expect. Discover and Vision We're excited to bring these updates to both Discover and Vision. Multi-Feed Enhanced Listings - The ability to create Enhanced Listings is a popular feature on Vision and Discover, allowing agents to add their own video, images, and text to existing or manually uploaded listings. In this update, we've added support for Enhanced Listings on sites with multiple listing feeds. Site visitors can now switch between feeds to see every Enhanced Listing on your site. Facebook IDX Social Connect - In the first spring release, we updated the Facebook IDX Social Connect infrastructure in REW CRM to meet Facebook's new development guidelines. In this release, we have updated the Facebook IDX Social Connect feature on both Vision and Discover to match Facebook's brand compliance requirements as of April 29th, 2019. Facebook announced a new circular logo on April 30th. Some of our clients were contacted by Facebook to update to the new logo or risk losing access. We responded quickly and updated the Discover Facebook IDX Social Connect to include the new logo. Vision's Facebook IDX Social Connect logo is planned for updating next. LinkedIn IDX Social Connect - We have updated the LinkedIn IDX Social Connect feature to meet LinkedIn's latest standards, allowing site visitors to continue to register for your site through LinkedIn. Google Branding - With Google+ officially retired, we have updated branding for the Google IDX Connect on both Discover and Vision. We've replaced the Google+ icon with Google's "G" icon. This branding update also applies to the Google icon on the Lead Summary page. Here's what the full slate of IDX Social Connects look like on Discover Discover We're pleased to add several new features to Discover, as well as several helpful improvements and bug fixes. New Features Saved Searches - A "Save Search" button has been added to Discover IDX snippets, allowing site visitors to remember the property search criteria directly from their favorite community pages. The new feature also includes the ability to save polygon searches from IDX snippets. The Save Search button allows Discover site visitors to save their favorite searches directly from your IDX snippets. IDX Require Registration Form - The message text on Discover's Require Registration form is now customizable through the website's backend. What's Your Home Worth CTA - The "What's Your Home Worth" call to action has been added to more recent installations of Discover that had previously excluded the form. Improvements & Fixes Image Lazy Loading - We've improved page load times on Discover by lazy loading all images, meaning images below the fold won't be loaded until the site visitor scrolls down the page. IDX Auto-Responder - The Discover auto-responder for IDX listing inquiries has been updated so your leads will receive the correct email response immediately. Get Local - We have updated the Get Local add-on to order Schools and Amenities by distance. Search Improvements - The "Days on Website" quick search functionality has been improved for feeds without a "Days on Market" field. We've also improved the search form to allow for the visitor to use include multiple entries in the "Location" field, and improved the functionality of the "Sort By" dropdown menu. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Logos - We have improved the responsiveness of all SVG logos on smaller devices and window sizes. Thanks for stopping by We appreciate your continued feedback on how to make REW products even better. Have a product suggestion? Send it to and we'll be happy to review it.
05/22/2019 09:01 PM

7 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss REW Summit 2019
REW Summit—Real Estate Webmasters' annual conference—is just around the corner Taking place at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas from July 24th to July 25th, this year's Summit is bound to be the most epic edition ever. Here are 7 reasons why you absolutely shouldn't miss REW Summit: 1. It's taking place at Inman Connect Las Vegas Inman Connect is one of the premier events in real estate. And for the first time ever, Inman Connect is going to Vegas. We were so excited about the news that we signed on to be the event's first-ever title sponsor. What does that mean for you? You can now access both events with one combination ticket. At Inman Connect, you'll have access to over 250 incredible speakers in the general session, additional access to breakout tracks and learning labs with the industry's top minds, and of course—access to evening "networking" events. REW Summit will be taking place over two afternoon sessions on July 24 and 25th, so you won't have to miss any of the Inman action. 2. Network with top agents, teams, and brokers Inman Connect is a huge event with thousands of agents and vendors from across the world. While this presents an unbelievable learning opportunity, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. REW Summit is much more intimate and focused. Consider it an exclusive conference within a conference for the best of the best in the industry. The more tight-knit setting of REW Summit allows you to genuinely connect with other attendees, forming personal and business relationships that last. Don't believe us? Here's what a past attendee had to say: Being a veteran of KW events, I really enjoyed how easily accessible the information and speakers were. I'm used to being run over by 15,000 people. This was a definite plus about the Summit I got top-rate info and had easy access to the presenters. 3. Get actionable advice from other REW clients Because REW Summit is made up almost entirely of REW clients and partners—the top 1 of the industry—it's the best place to exchange actionable advice that will make a huge impact to your business. Which website customizations have boosted business? Which follow-up techniques are really working? How are they approaching lead generation? Top-producing brokers and agents are always happy to swap secrets and share strategies with non-competing agents, making it an incredibly collaborative and productive experience. Here's what a past attendee had to say: Being so new to [Real Estate Webmasters], I didn't know what to expect. My expectations were blown away, honestly Tremendous take home value for myself and my team 4. Get inspired from industry-leading speakers Inman Connect Las Vegas has an amazing lineup of speakers this year, including Molly Bloom of Molly's Game and the industry's top CEOs (including our very own Morgan Carey). On top of that, REW Summit's speaker lineup brings even more value, as it's specifically tailored to dominating the industry through next-level marketing and technology. Here's a quick preview of our speakers: Jon Cheplak, Cheplak Live - Relationships Matter (Keynote Address): How to grow your business by attracting and retaining top producers Laura Monroe, Real Estate Webmasters - Brand Matters: How to compete in today's crowded market with next-level online branding Vy Luu & Morgan Carey, Real Estate Webmasters - Innovation Matters: A preview of the leading-edge innovations coming next at REW Jack Miller, T3 Sixty - Partnerships Matter: How to get the most out of your technology partners Mark Hughes & Derek May, Nook Real Estate - Niche Marketing: How to get big by getting narrow For the full schedule, check out 5. Get valuable face-to-face time with REW staff Ask anyone what they like most about REW. They'll always say "the people." We have an incredible team who cares about client success and will do everything they can to make it happen. REW Summit is the absolute best place to meet face-to-face with our team. We cherish the opportunity for you to meet with our staff because we know it adds significant value to your experience—both at Summit and while working with REW. And as a bonus, we will have an official REW Lounge at Inman Connect Las Vegas. There, you can book time to get hands-on, in-person advice for your project, get to know some of the faces behind your projects, and get a better feel for the culture behind Real Estate Webmasters. 6. You get to party with us Why is this 6? It should be 1. REW Summit is (in)famous for its incredible party. The most memorable stories and takeaways from Summit always come from the evening festivities. The party alone is reason enough to come to Summit Past parties have included live music, dancing, karaoke, and other shenanigans that we'll leave out of this blog post. But remember: the REW Summit party is only available to REW clients and partners. This is a highly exclusive event, so you'll need your Summit ticket to attend. And did we mention we have the Penthouse Suite at the ARIA? All week, you can come hang out with the Real Estate Webmasters crew for meetings and events in our exclusive suite. This year's party will be more epic than ever. That's because… 7. It's in Vegas Need we say more? Get Your REW Summit & Inman Connect Tickets Now You can only get your combination REW Summit & Inman Connect Las Vegas tickets through Real Estate Webmasters. And be warned: ticket prices go up on June 1, so get your tickets now To secure your attendance at REW Summit and Inman Connect Las Vegas, get your tickets here. To learn more about REW Summit, visit
05/22/2019 03:30 PM

Real Estate Webmasters Launches REW Partners Program
We're launching something new I still remember 15 years ago when an online real estate business was a NEW way to gain national exposure, drive leads, and build a highly competitive real estate business. Who remembers logging into the backend of their website, or watching their web traffic convert to actual customers for the first time? I do Dominating the web, search engines, and content was a skill that was talked about on forums and blogs, and as a community. Real Estate Webmasters in particular was the frontline of education and shared knowledge around SEO, lead generation, digital marketing, great web design, and staying ahead of the curve. Today, it's a rare individual who has the mastery to dominate the web. Those who do... dominate traffic, have solid leads, and blow their competition out of the way. And now, it's more important that ever. But only a few teach and share these skills to agents and brokers. REW does—and now we're expanding. We're introducing the official REW Partners Program We're bringing together a network of highly qualified partners to help bring out the best education, tools, and products to help others reach the top 1 in the industry. REW Partners are the rockstars of the real estate industry. The trend-setters. The change agents. The no-BS straight-shooter types. Connected, we want to help our network of agents, teams, and brokerages reach top status. Experienced, we know the best way to do that is with outstanding, award-winning websites, digital and social marketing, and brand and lead generation strategies. It pays to have friends. At REW, our business is much like yours: built on repeat business, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing. Our clients and partners have helped build what REW is today—partners like Gary Ashton, Justin Havre, and Fredrik Eklund, to name a few. Today, we are formalizing our referral program. With generous incentives and perks, as an REW Partner, you'll earn the most generous referral fees in the real estate industry. We have a mission: To provide a year-round program dedicated to giving back to the individual agent making big moves as a rising star, to the broker or team leader growing a team or branching out independently, or to the large brokerage dedicated to their agent core—helping them embrace solid web strategies and tools to optimize lead gen and productivity. REW Partners will help lead this mission. And we'll have some real fun doing it Events, promotions, retreats, REW Summit, and some amazing income opportunities are in store. Why now? While brokerages are fighting for more market share and vetting an ever-growing flood of new tools and business models—it's VITALLY important for the individual agent to refocus on their online brand, the content they own, and all of their distribution channels to drive revenue generating leads and results. Name recognition and dominating a piece of the web is what will future proof a real estate business. Agents can't afford to just hang out where every agent is on the web (on Facebook). From luxury marketing, to niche marketing, to lifestyle marketing, your real estate brand matters. REW will be the foundation for those making the right investment to be top in their market. Interested in learning more? Check out our REW Partners page for all the details. And by all means: if you have a referral, now is the time to be rewarded
05/01/2019 01:00 PM