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REW Websites 2020 No more setup fees and a money back guarantee
 2020 marks Real Estate Webmasters (REW) 16th year in business. We have seen an incredible amount of growth and change in this time within the technology landscape, especially as it pertains to websites, CRM and lead generation.  I have spent the last weeks of 2019 reviewing our business and reflecting on our performance but also on some really great feedback we have received from our customers, many of whom are the top performers in their markets or even in their entire countries.  We have also been speaking with our sales teams and our leads (even those that don’t close) to determine how we can be an even better REW in 2020. The feedback has been great, and I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to provide us with insights as to how we can be better but also how we might continue to grow and develop our product and user base.  I’m going to share some of the insights that stuck out most for myself and my team and afterwards I’m going to share a radical new pilot program designed to drive the results we need at REW in order to continue to grow and thrive, but also to be in alignment with our customer base and their needs.  Here are some of the most recurring or impactful themes we have identified from our feedback sessions with our customers, sales team and leads.  From our customers:  Keep the focus on making the product better, the rest will take care of itself 2019 saw our largest investments in R & D ever. We launched a brand new CRM, re-invented our IDX platform, created a truly multi lingual platform for our European clients, coded new partner integrations (such as the Lone Wolf TM integration) and improved our already world class WPO scores to even greater levels widening the gap between our website products and all others in the marketplace.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, however (as it should) there is a push for us to do more, especially in the CRM space where our customers are now beginning to leave third party CRM’s completely in favour of the REW CRM solution. We have a big list of enhancements already planned (and some like the gmail integration already completed) that will make it even easier for customers to adopt REW CRM as the only CRM they will ever need.  Get more product feedback from your customers more often We love it when our customers get involved in the R & D process and give us feedback. Especially when they come out to visit us and spend their valuable time with our teams helping us in person make the product better. For 2020 we have opened the new REW Forums and will be engaging our clients far more often with product updates, invitations to participate in the R & D process and soliciting feedback on future features. I am very excited about the early participation and we’re looking forward to seeing the membership grow in 2020. Some of our best product features come from client feedback. They have told us they want to be able to provide more, and we are excited to welcome as much as we can get It’s better to celebrate your customers than yourselves This is one we’re really taking to heart. On a recent FB thread one of our longest term and most valued customers JH mentioned how much promotion REW had done in 2019. Whether that was covers of RIS Media, or Title sponsorships at Inman. The point he was making is that sometimes when you go “too big” it can send the wrong message to your customer or perhaps even alienate them. The message for some is that there may be the perception from your existing customers of an imbalance of priorities or that the company would rather invest in self promotion than helping the customer with new innovation or support. It’s tough to hear, but it’s also an important piece of feedback. We certainly don’t want our customers thinking we are not focused on them or their product needs and if that pendulum has swung too far into the self promotional realm, it’s important we assess ourselves and make adjustments.  And so adjust we shall:  For 2020 I have decided that I will reallocate at least 50 of our previous conference / promotional budget to R & D initiatives (more product enhancements and features) and the celebration of our customers and their success through the RelationshipsMatter campaign. For every press release about REW, there should be one for our clients. Not promoting us, promoting them  As our customers so rightly point out. If we can help them become successful and then celebrate that success, others will take notice. If you’re a customer and you’d like us to help you promote the success of your business in 2020, reach out Our marketing team is happy to help, and this is on us  We’ll be happy to help you with PR, sharing your story, and if you want to head out to REW Campus we’ll even produce promotional video content for you. We want to help you be the most successful you can be, and if that means helping you spread your message, let’s do it  Here's an example of a recent video we produced for our awesome clients the Funk Collection. The most important feedback of all: Your customers are your raving fans. Do right by them, help them be successful and let them tell your story. That is the best way to grow your business.  In 2020 our focus is on making sure we are focused on our clients relationships above all else. If you’re a client (no matter what the size) know that you are important to us (to me). Feel free to add me to your social channels, I will endeavour to make the time if you ever need my support. And of course be sure to join the forums at we’d love to hear from you.  And now for some of the feedback from our sales team & leads There are two main factors that get mentioned often when it comes to feedback from sales and leads: Custom work and the setup fee.  The feedback on custom work is that not everyone needs or wants custom work. For those that don’t, it can be a friction point as the price is based on custom work being “included” on all sites as opposed to being optional. Customers would rather have the choice to pay less if they don’t need custom work.  This leads into the conversation about the setup fee. It’s $5,000 (including the custom work). Which when compared to our competitors on the agent website and team side is likely the highest in the industry. Of course, the competitors don’t offer custom work, so it’s not apples to apples, but honestly to those that don’t really need it, the custom work just means a higher price setup cost compared to other premium vendors and is likely turning away people who would otherwise rather be REW customers. And finally there is the try before you buy.  Generally customers understand that in the SAAS world contracts are the reality. By committing longer term to your platform provider it allows us to offer a lower entry and ongoing cost while ensuring that we can safely over invest in the early part of the relationship and setup (where you need it most) while realizing the returns we need over time. It’s just the way SAAS operates. Make a commitment to get a lower cost.  But here’s the thing: Customers want to know what they’re getting into before they buy or commit to a contract. And quite frankly, as vendors we’d love to get a sneak peak at what the relationship is going to be like as well before committing. Let’s face it: REW is not a fit for every customer, and not every customer is a fit for REW. As I’ve thought about it over these past few weeks, I have realized that this is really not an unreasonable request at all.  So here’s what I’ve decided to do  On top of the reallocation of marketing funds to R & D and free customer promotion, REW will be piloting a new offer for the month of January (and perhaps beyond depending on how it goes).  This offer will change in 2 important ways:  For our standard REW Lite and REW Launch product on a 36 month term we will now: 1: Waive the $5,000 setup fee (no longer require custom work purchase) 2: Offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  That’s right. You sign up with REW and you no longer have to pay the $5,000 USD setup fee and if you are unhappy for any reason (or no reason at all) within the first 30 days of your contract we will cancel your contract and refund your first months SAAS payment. It’s that simple.  We’re hoping by offering this program it will show you our commitment to developing long term relationships with our customers and that we stand by our products and services. We do truly feel we have the best websites, IDX, integrated CRM and lead generation in the business and we’d like to show you exactly that.  And PS, speaking of SAAS: Since we’ve removed the setup fees, REW now goes from one of the more expensive offerings to incredibly affordable.  For single user / single IDX platform (website, IDX & CRM) it costs only $300 USD per month. For teams / brokerages up to 25 (website, IDX, CRM and agent / team member sub domains) it costs only $499 USD per month.  So what are you waiting for? Are you finally ready to take the plunge and put your real estate business on the best marketing / lead generation platform in all of real estate?  If you have questions about this offer, please join us at the forums, there is a link specific to this offer here:
01/02/2020 06:12 AM

SEO for real estate: a guide to optimizing your pages
We’ve all heard the old adage, “Content is King.” But how your content is structured on each page is just as important as the content itself. Internet users are a fickle breed, so you want to make sure you present the most important, interesting and valuable content prominently, at the top of the page. In terms of a page that is highly optimized for search engines, there are specific places you should make sure you feature your main targeted keywords. This is, of course, an important step in ensuring that search engine crawlers understand the intent of your page, but it also helps orient human users as well. Meta Information The meta information is the content that will be displayed at the top of your web page browser window and in the search results themselves. The page title is among the most important places to prominently feature your main targeted keyword. The title tag is the main title that appears as a blue link in search results and its total character count is extremely important. Google has some pretty specific guidelines for the number of characters they will display in their search results. The title tag should be no longer than 55 characters. The meta description is the short description of your web page that appears just under the page title and page URL. The meta description should be a maximum of 320 characters. The meta description doesn’t provide any SEO value in and of itself, but it’s often your first chance to persuade users to click through to your page. Best Practices: The title tag is among the most important ranking signals Title tag should prominently feature your top 2 or 3 keywords The meta description carries no inherent SEO value Meta description acts as first & best chance to convince users to click through Both meta descriptions & title tags should be written primarily for human users & easily understandable Page Structure As I’ve said before, web users are notoriously fickle. It’s essential that all content be concise, to the point and written at a level that can be easily understood. It also helps to organize content into digestible chunks, under headings that accurately reflect the subject matter of the paragraph that follows. Shorter paragraphs also translate better for those accessing your content through phones or tablets. Headings are also a great place to feature some of the primary keywords you’re targeting on the page. Again, you want to keep the user in mind and ensure the headings are related to the content that follows, and not just stuffed with unnecessary keywords. Page relevance is something to think about too. By including terms that are closely related to the subject of the page and terms you’re trying to rank for, you help search engine crawlers understand your page’s intent. For example, if your main targeted keyword is “Nanaimo real estate”, it helps to have several terms closely related to the sale of real estate, such as “home buyer”, “neighborhood”, “community”, “sell”, etc. Best Practices: Keep your listings snippets near the top of your community pages, so they're visible as the page loads. Keep the text above the listings snippet brief, and try to cover your most important points. You can include more content, but create a CTA with a jump link to more content below the snippet. Listings set to thumbnail view tend to convert better than list view, as more properties are visible at a glance. A Few Words About Keywords There was a time when ranking in search engine results was all about keywords. The meta keywords field is a now-defunct section that once could be used by content creators to highlight the main keywords featured on a page. Naturally, this section was abused and stuffed with every conceivable iteration of the terms webmasters wanted to rank for, so this section now holds no value whatsoever as a ranking signal Now, keywords are still important, but Google’s Penguin algorithm has made it essential to use them naturally and sparingly throughout your content. Again, the mantra of creating content first for users and then search engines second should be at the forefront of your thought process. “Keyword stuffing” is when the keywords featured disrupt the readability of your content. Aside from looking quite “spammy” and unprofessional, it can also result in a penalty from Google, lowering the rank of that page in search results. The title tag and main headings are essential places to feature keywords naturally, as is the content itself. But don’t overdo it. One mention of a complete keyword phrase is plenty per paragraph, e.g. “Nanaimo Real Estate.” You can also feature keyword fragments (your main keywords broken up) throughout the text, in order to reinforce and support the intention of the page. Anchor Text Best Practices: Anchor text is the clickable text that is displayed as part of a link. This text can be an important place to feature important keywords, but it’s a best practice to create anchor text content that is as descriptive as possible. Non-Descriptive Anchor Text: "click here" or "read more", anchor text that doesn't describe what's being linked to Targeted keywords alone, i.e. "Nanaimo Real Estate or "Downtown Nanaimo Condos" Descriptive Anchor Text: Try to incorporate keywords into a longer, more descriptive phrase A phrase should be readable independently of surrounding text, and provide a good indication of the content behind the link. i.e. "learn more about what makes Downtown Nanaimo condos so convenient" Summing it all up Your web page content is your primary tool for converting users into viable leads, and providing valuable information to them about buying or selling real estate. It’s also your best chance to set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as a leader and expert in your field. Creating great content should always be the primary goal, but structuring it well can help search engine crawlers better categorize your content, helping you reach a larger audience.
01/01/2020 01:15 PM

Christmas is For Community
The holidays are a special time here at Real Estate Webmasters. It is a time where we celebrate our community—the very community that REW has grown up in, and who has given so much support to us over the years. But we know that Christmas is hard for many families, in our community and beyond. In Nanaimo, we have a volunteer organisation called Volunteer Nanaimo. Like many of their sister organisations in cities all through North America, Volunteer Nanaimo serves our community in many, many amazing ways. During the holidays, they also run a program simply called "Christmas Angels". Christmas Angels connects the community with families, seniors, and vulnerable youth, where Christmas can be an especially financially troublesome time. This program touches our hearts deeply—it is something we have done for the last three years, and will be something that REW does for as long as possible. In 2019, REW Leadership team, invited staff and their families out to participate in "The Shop". Each staff member is given the information of the Christmas Angel family they are shopping for, which looks like this: FAMILY: LV8796 Family Member: Jennica Gender: Female Age: 9 years Wish list: warm socks, snow pants, stuffy. Or sometimes like this: FAMILY: TR:1435 Family Member: Patricia Gender: Female Age: Mom Wish list: pasta, canned soup, canned vegetables, other pantry items. Every family's identity is kept anonymous. Every family has different needs. Every family is important. Christmas Angels"Shop Day" Shop Day is a frenzy of smiles and very committed shoppers trying to find the perfect thing for the person they are shopping for. REW leadership, staff, and family meet at Nanaimo's Walmart. Walmart is really supportive, and even give us a dedicated checkout lane.     Everybody Gets Involved 2019 marks Bella Salvino's second year of shopping. Bella is 10 this year, and the daughter of one of our staff members. This year Bella was tasked with shopping for a 3-year old boy, who only wished for toy cars, dinosaurs, or clothing. Bella took this challenge to heart. She meticulously combed the aisles. Making careful decisions, she did her best to find the perfect gift for her new anonymous friend. When Bella met REW CEO Morgan Carey at the dedicated check out lane, he noticed her gift, and how much effort she spent picking it out. When he asked her what being a Christmas Angel meant to her, Bella simply answered, "it means making sure that everyone smiles at Christmas." And that is really what Shop Day is for us at REW. It is a way for us to show love to those in our community. Showing them that they matter. Showing them that they are important. Christmas Angels "Wrap Day" The next step is to wrap all of these gifts, and for that we needed a little help from the incredible volunteers from Volunteer Nanaimo. Tables took over the lunch room at the REW Campus. Covered in wrapping paper, gift tags, scissors, and tape. Christmas music played in the background, and Tim Horton's coffee and treats kept the Wrapping Warriors fueled the gargantuan task ahead. The Wrappers take their role very seriously. Wrapping paper corners were tucked in perfectly. Tape lines nice and straight. These ladies and gents take every moment they can to make the gifts look and feel and special as possible. On the first day, they wrapped all of the gifts for 9 families. Although tired from the day, the wrappers left with smiles on their faces and warmth in their hearts. The second day volunteers and staff pulled together to finish wrapping over 500 items, from teddy bears to bags of rice. The holidays are a special time here at Real Estate Webmasters. Christmas is For Community Once the gifts were wrapped, we happily handed them to the event organizers so they could give them to the intended recipients, and our participation is over. But the effects of this program are not. This program will put a smile on that 3-year old boy's face when he unwraps that perfect gift that Bella found for him. Through this program, those canned goods, bags of rice, and pantry staples will help their family sit down to a meal together without concern for cost. This program will give a few more kids warmer mittens, insulated jackets, and new socks to help get them through the winter months. This program will help a few more moms, dads, and grandparents that can take a breath, even if it's just for a moment, knowing they have a community standing behind them. This program brings our community together. Because Christmas is for community. We challenge you to reach out to your community this holiday season and see what you can do to make it stronger and better supported. Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact
12/05/2019 08:31 PM

SSL Certificates and Your Website
If you don't have an SSL certificate on your website, you need to change that. Once a nice-to-have, SSL certificates are now as necessary as having a URL. You can not, should not, and will not have a successful website without one. Althought Google led the way, other browsers are following suit: your site will be penalized severely without the proper security settings in place. Let's go through some of the most commonly asked questions about SSL certificates: Do I Need an SSL Certificate for my website? Yes. Absolutely. Oui. Sì. Shì. Ja. Ae. Yebo. Hai. An SSL certificate is way to tell both your website visitors and search engines that your site is safe, and secure. Without one, Google (and other search engines) will mark your site as unsafe, and will even go as far as devaluing your site, making it harder for it to be found organically, or even at all. Plus, as the site owner, it protects you too What Does a SSL Certificate do? These tiny little bits of code pack a powerful punch when it comes to web security. Their main purpose is to protect your website, your users, and you, by enabling an encrypted connection. Encryption really just makes information unreadable by anyone else but you and your customer. Think of encryption kind of like writing a letter: which you run through a machine that turns it into a secret code; which you place in a thick envelope; and hand it off to a covert, senior Brinks Guard; who drives it in an armoured truck to your recipient; who has to sign for it; proving their identity with a validated signature; they then run it through a secret message decoder that only they have; that only works for this one message; and if they don't read it in time, the letter self-destructs. That is SSL encryption, and a certificate does this all for you automically. Imagine if you had to do that on your own? Having an SSL certificate is important so your website visitors feel safe sharing information (from your lead capture forms), downloading from your site (even loading images on your site counts), and working with your business. How do I know if I already have an SSL certificate on my website Easy to check Step 1: Open your browser, and type in your website's URL. Step 2: See a lock beside your URL? Congratulations You have SSL installed. No lock? Time to get your own certificate. How do I get an SSL certificate? The easiest way to get a certificate is through you domain registrar (popular ones are GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, and While Real Estate Webmasters does not sell them, we will install them on REW CRM backend websites, free of charge Ok, I Purchased an SSL Certificate, Now What? Let us know Once you have purchased your certificate, contact our Support Team. They will work directly with you to help get your certificate generated. After your SSL certificate is generated, our Support Team will take care of installing it on your site for you Get Secure Now     Original Post, October 2017. SSL Certificates Google recently announced that it now gives a slight SEO boost to sites that utilize HTTPS encryption by default, with strongly implied plans to make this ranking signal even more important in the future. A ranking signal is essentially a factor within an algorithm, and search engines use hundreds of different ranking signals to determine exactly where each site deserves to rank. Search engines generally keep the specifics of these ranking signals under lock and key, until they want webmasters to mend current practices and improve user experience. Considering Google's very public announcement, it logically follows that SEO-savvy REALTORS® are going to want to get a little more secure What You Should Do Next... You can get a pretty good summary of what HTTPS is and does on Google's own Secure Your Site page, so I won't reiterate the same info that you can read there. Instead, let's move on to what you need to do to implement HTTPS on your own site: 1. Buy An SSL/TLS Certificate. We currently recommend DigiCert's SSL Plus or GoDaddy's $75 option. 2. Submit A Custom Work Order, via your product consultant. He or she will begin by getting an estimate for the implementation work, which you will then need to approve. Once we receive your work order, we'll get to work behind the scenes. We will walk you through the steps of verifying your certificate, then we'll add the certification to your server, update the htaccess for needed page-level redirects, use protocol relative URLs for all other domains and otherwise ensure everything is hooked up and functioning properly. After the programming and server updates have been made, we highly recommend investing some SEO time to do a few final checks and balances. If you opt in to the SEO time and have Google Webmaster Tools set up, we'll submit a Change of Address and new sitemaps, update the website information and do additional tests on the 301 redirects set up by programming. Important Considerations: -SSL certification must be renewed and updated annually, or every 2-3 years, depending on the option you choose to purchase. -If you choose not to renew your SSL certification, it is recommended that you revert your site to HTTP. Otherwise, users will receive an ominous warning message whenever they visit the site.-Sites with agent subdomains will require a Wildcard SSL Certificate in order to apply SSL to the subdomains. GoDaddy currently sells a Wildcard SSL Certificate for $291. Additional Benefits Of HTTPS Security When it comes to the benefits of getting SSL certification, SEO is really only the tip of the iceberg. The entire point behind HTTPS is to allow users to share information securely, without worry. The secure encryption on a certified site means that users can submit more sensitive information—like mortgage forms and job applications—right on your site, without worrying about their data falling into the wrong hands. Better still, your users will know you're taking care of them. Having a trusted SSL certificate builds confidence and lets people know you're going the extra mile to keep their information safe. This increased level of trust will build better relationships and make people more willing to fill out registration and other contact forms throughout the site. Updated August 22, 2014 at 16:18 PDT to add information on Wildcard certificates for agent subdomains. Updated October 31, 2017 at 14:21 PDT to reflect current SSL estimate process.
12/01/2019 05:00 PM

$50M REW Prop Tech Acquisition Plan
I’ve been in the prop tech space for 16 years. In this time, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some of the most creative, intelligent, inspiring entrepreneurs in the world. We have hustled shows together, we have learned together and we have grown together. In these 16 years I have been truly blessed to also have made some great friends. As we head into 2020 I find myself thinking: Wow it’s a new decade Can you believe it? For me it’s a special time. Personally, I have turned 40, my youngest is now a teenager, my oldest is 24. I have decided to focus on my health & personal wellness, my relationships & family (especially my marriage to my amazing wife) and I’ve found myself focused far more on what I can do to feel like I’ve done right by this world. What this means for me is trying to help more people (especially women and children at risk) and really giving thought to the legacy of our generation. Are we leaving this world in a better place than we received it? Are we leaving any kind of world for our children at all? Needless to say this makes me very motivated I realize that I need to do more, and I recognize the opportunity I have as a successful business person and influencer to have a real impact. It also means that I must act with intent & focus. It will take all my energy & resources and quite frankly I feel that we can and should be doing even more. On the professional side: 16 years And for whatever reason, be it luck, talent, timing (and of course we KNOW it is because of amazing team members and amazing customers) we have done incredibly well in our space. Better than most in fact. For a software & marketing company in prop tech we achieved what has rarely if ever been seen. - We have taken no outside funding (we still own 100 of REW) - 16 years straight (every year of our existence) we have been profitable. (That is unheard of for anyone in any software space) - We have made acquisitions, all of which have had positive ROI - Our subscription retention is nearly 90 - Our SAAS Revenue has growth every year - This year we will hit $150M In Aggregate Revenue In short, we have an exceptionally well run business with incredibly talented leaders and truly know what it takes to be successful in the real estate / prop tech space. The purpose of this article: So why am I sharing this so publicly? The answer is simple: we’re looking for companies to join us and so I’m sharing my plan. If you know me, you know I don’t do things in a traditional manner. My style is to put it out there, to not hold back and to go after what I want in a direct and purposeful manner. This post is meant to reach the prop tech companies that are potentially the right fit for us and give you enough information to start a conversation about potentially joining REW in our journey or selling me your company so that I can take it to the next level and provide a great home for your customers. So here’s what I’m looking for: The Plan. I am looking to acquire companies that are complementary to Real Estate Webmasters that can benefit from our scale and expertise. Over the next 3 years we are targeting companies with combined revenues of $20M Annually. Through business optimization, increased sales & marketing, access to our exceptional R & D talent and to our network of over 50,000 agents domestically and globally (which is growing rapidly) we intend to help these acquired companies grow by 2.5x What this means is we intend to convert this acquired revenue stream from $20M annually to $50M annually. Of course each company’s path will be different. Some companies have amazing products and are very new. Their revenue is low and thus their growth might be thousands of increase. In this case we’re the rocket fuel and guaranteeing the product succeeds. Some companies are more established but are stuck (they can’t grow but have loyal customer bases) access to our additional products, sales channels, marketing and customers will help here. And other companies, while they may have an established customer base, they are going the wrong way. For whatever reason (usually they cannot afford to innovate / stay competitive) it doesn’t look they are going to make it. Their churn is too high, they are shrinking (not growing) they have not been able to become profitable and their path to success is not clear. in this case our goal is to be a great home for their customers and move them into a better product. For the founders, it’s an opportunity to get “something” instead of riding it out to the bottom and closing up shop. Does this sound like you? Are you between $250k-$5M in annual revenue in the real estate technology space? Do you have an established base of realtors (agents, teams, brokers, franchises) as customers? Are you wanting to see your ideas, products, services or customers flourish and reach new heights? Do you you want to be a part of an amazing team and story? Or are you interested in existing and having your customers taken great care of? If so let’s talk I am extremely serious about this program and my goal is to close all deals in the next 24 months. We have the resources, talent, & access to funding needed to make this happen and if you’re in it for the long haul and willing to be creative, we can often accelerate your valuation significantly higher than it would be if you were to just sell today. Speaking of which, before you reach out, PLEASE read this article on multiples (especially if you have not done any of these deals in the past) you need to be realistic on the valuations of your company. The article will break it down for you. This post is for prop tech entrepreneurs. If you know someone who owns a prop tech company that might be a good candidate please encourage them to reach out and share this article.
11/30/2019 05:17 PM

The New Face of
Real Estate Webmasters (REW) and their customer Northrop Realty are proud to announce the launch of the brand-new—"leveling up" the benchmark for real estate websites everywhere. We are excited for this first class website reveal", shares Creig Northrop, President and CEO of Northrop Realty. "We are leveling up on what we have done in the past. You do not want to miss it Inspiration for the site design comes from both inside and outside the real estate industry. The result—a fresh, exciting, and totally new perspective on what a real estate site should deliver. "It is obvious from the moment you land on the homepage that this is a higher-level experience," says Tim Collins, REW Enterprise Sales Manager. "Every element has been crafted to provide an incredible user journey, showcasing a final product that Northrop can truly stand behind." REW and Northrop Realty worked closely on this fully customized site to strategically architect the user experience. REW led the creative process, allowing the industry's top developers and designers to reimagine the concept of what a luxury real estate website should be. The result is one of the most highly anticipated website launches in the history of the company.   Beautiful Website Design Unique features for the website start right on the home page. You are first met with a beautifully curated collection of striking, full-height, and beautiful images that draw you in from the moment the page loads. The simple words "Find Home" fuel your excitement. Next you can navigate down the page to learn more about the featured properties, the local communities, and get an introduction to what their brokerage has to offer you. You can also see what people are saying about their services via a beautifully integrated carousel. "We've spent a lot of time working on this amazing luxury design, which we know people will love," adds Collins. "Our team is so excited to see it go live, because this sets a new standard what a real estate website should be." You can easily find and learn more about your areas of interest via Areas We Serve, getting instant access to the hottest listings, community profile and statistics, and a full, filterable list of all of that area's properties. Northrop Realty's website also offers an abundance of tips and guide home buyers and home sellers, and their gorgeously designed blog gives sites visitors the latest market information, with fresh and specialized posts. Leveling Up As A Real Estate Brokerage Last year, The Creig Northrop Team, the the 1 Real Estate Team in the nation*, transitioned to Northrop Realty, a full-service brokerage. This momentous step towards continued growth allows them to serve a broader market, open additional offices, and provide further advancement opportunities for its agents and teams. The new face of also gives them opportunity to continue to grow their business, giving them a very special tool to continue to recruit the top agents in their market. "We are fired up about the transition to Northrop Realty and," shares Morgan Carey, REW CEO. "It is a big move— we are ecstatic for the agents at Northrop, because not only will every agent get a super high-end website, but they are also getting a brand-new, state-of-the-art CRM." is by a powerful CRM—all Northrop Realty agents will get access to the most powerful CRM in real estate with REW CRM. RelationshipsMatter "One of the best things about this project has been working with Northrop," Collins relates. "I truly admire how much they care and how passionate they are about their business. Their website is a reflection of that—a super high-quality product that is developed entirely around their clients, mission, and values." The relationship between Northrop Realty and REW is what truly lies underneath this incredible website project—through building trust and understanding of goals, together they have created on of the best websites in real estate. Realize your impact. Find a way to be different and do the right thing, always. - Creig Northrop, CEO, Northrop Realty
11/25/2019 01:05 PM

The 12 Days of Christmas Promotion is Back
It's our favourite time of year here at Real Estate Webmasters. Not only is it the holiday season, it's also a time to reflect on successes of the past year and a time to look forward to the year ahead. At REW, we've immensely grown our business over the years, but that doesn't mean it's time to take the foot off the gas. Looking ahead to 2020, REW is investing in our technology, people, and marketing more than ever before. Because that's what it takes to be an industry leader. And the same applies to you. Whether you're an agent, team, or broker—it's a great time to ask: "What am I doing to make 2020 MY YEAR? What am I doing to get ahead or to stay ahead in my extremely competitive market?" What is the 12 Days of Christmas Promotion? Every year, leading up to Christmas, Real Estate Webmasters holds the 12 Days of Christmas promotion. 12 Days of Christmas provides 12 incredible deals that help you take your real estate business to the next level. Whether you're a first-time window shopper or a long-term client, this is the absolute best time of year to upgrade your platform or purchase service hours before the end of the fiscal year. Why is this promo so awesome? Here are three reasons why this promo is so great: The best prices: These are some our best prices of the year, don't miss your chance at an incredible deal. The most choice: You get to choose which of the 12 deals is best for you. The best timing: By getting in now, you can have your site up and ready to go well before the busiest time in your market, spending your budget before the new year. Be smart—get those marketing expenses in before the end of the year.Get your favourite offer before it's gone   What are this year's 12 Days offers? This year's deals are bigger and better than ever before. Agents can save thousands and brokers can save hundreds of thousands Looking for a real estate website? Check out the amazing deals below Ready to up your game in 2020? Up your game with one of our branding offers, marketing offers, or the exclusive enterprise offer Here's a rapid-fire look at what we're offering this year: 1. 50 OFF Website Setup and 10 hours FREE of professional services. Whoa, 2020 is suddenly looking a lot brighter. Available for REW Launch 2. FREE Website Setup on Semi Custom and 100 hours of professional services You get the best real estate website without even lifting a finger. Available for REW Semi Custom 3. 50 Hours of Content Transfer Time Leave the heavy lifting to us—plus 10 hours of professional services Available for REW Launch 4. FREE Backend Audit WITH 10 hours of professional services. It's time that you know what you've been missing all this time. Available for REW Launch 5. Donate Your Website Setup Fee Help our community and get some love back. Donate your set-up fees to anyone of the chosen charities and will promote it AND give you 10 hours of professional services Available for REW Launch 6. FREE SEO Audit and Recommendations Ready to boost your search rankings and connect better with leads? We'll provide a free SEO Expert Audit and lay out what you need to dominate your market. Available for REW Launch 7. FREE PPC for a Whole Year This deal will sell out fast. We will cover your PPC management fees so you can watch your ROI soar. PLUS 10 hours of professional services. Available for REW Launch 8. FREE Logo and Brand Guide You deserve branding that is uniquely YOU. Let our team of expert designers guide you into 2020 with branding that will help you stand out. Available for REW Launch 9. FREE VIDEO and All Expenses Paid* Trip to Vancouver Island. Our most exclusive offer, and one that our customers love. Get an exclusive video with a leading real estate videographer, AND your *hotel and airfare covered for a trip to the beautiful Vancovuer Island By invitation only Check these videos out from one of our amazing clients, The Funk Collection:       10. 25 OFF Full Branding Package Dominate your market with the best real estate branding available. Get a brand you (and your clients) love. For current and new customers 11. 25 Off Professional Service Bundled Discounts This is already the most popular deal. Get it quick before our schedule fills up. Make 2020 the year you shine Save 5 on Modules, 10 PPC, and 10 SEO 12. Enterprise Exclusive Blow your competition out of the water Double your users or get a massive professional services credit. For Enterprise Orders Only --- So there you have it. I know it won't be an easy choice, but happy shopping Get Exclusive Access Now *Terms and Conditions Apply. New website purchase and a minimum 36-month contract is required for website offers. Offers tied to specific programs (REW Launch, REW Semi Custom, REW Enterprise) speak to account manager for details..
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