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Selling a Home by Auction. Good or Bad?
Recently I saw a Daybreak home for sale come onto the market that was to be sold via auction. Now auctions have been around for a long time, but usually they […]
04/25/2017 06:58 PM

Salt Lake Real Estate Market Continues Strong Performance in 1st Quarter 2017
The start of 2017 saw a strong Salt Lake property market, with the median home sales price climbing 10.04% in the first quarter, to sit at $275,000. The number of […]
04/12/2017 04:48 PM

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell Without Breaking the Bank
Getting your home ready to sell can involve lots of work and expensive, but there are things you can do that can be done quickly and will not break the […]
01/20/2017 01:09 AM

2016 Another Strong Year for Salt Lake Home Prices
2016 was another good year for Salt Lake County homeowners. The median sales price for a Salt Lake home was $265,000, a strong gain of 6.64% in the year. While […]
01/14/2017 10:18 PM

Salt Lake Home Prices Forecast to Rise in 2017
Now forecasting the housing market is  not something that is easy, and many people have come unstuck trying to do it. With that said have come out with their […]
12/05/2016 05:33 PM

Salt Lake County Median Home Price Hits $300,000 for the First Time.
Home prices in Salt Lake County continued their ever upward climb (at least that’s the way it seems) in the 3rd quarter 2016. The new median sales price for a […]
10/27/2016 07:10 PM

Assessed Value vs. Appraised Value vs. Market Value
In the world of real estate there are several different types of valuation that can be associated with a property. As a home owner it is important that you are […]
10/11/2016 05:58 PM