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Homeowners Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments
Homeowners Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments More American homeowners are slipping behind on their monthly mortgage payments, especially those who had subprime credit histories and scores when they applied for their homeloans. Roughly one of every 20 homeowners with a mortgage -- 4.7 percent -- was at least 30 days late during the third quarter, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Foreclosure Scams
Foreclosure ScamsHow to avoid being the next victim to lose your house to "consultants" who claims they will pay your mortgage.More than 1 million borrowers have seen their homes put in foreclosure so far this year. And with more foreclosures, "foreclosure rescue" scams are also on the rise. 1: How it worksFirst, let's take a look at what the trends are. There is a triple-digit percentage gains
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Toronto Real Estate
Toronto Real EstateResale home transactions remained robust in the first half of August, as mid-month figures showed a three per cent increase over the same timeframe last year, Toronto Real Estate Board President Dorothy Mason announced. The 3,290 sales to mid-month surpassed the 3,196 sales recorded to mid-August 2005, while real estate prices increased four per cent over the same timeframe to
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Mortagage Loan Appraisals
Mortagage Loan Appraisals When the real estate market is hot, home sellers get upset when the mortgage loan appraiser comes in too low. And when the market is slow, potential buyers (and sellers) object to the low value which the appraiser places on the house. You plan to purchase a condominium unit, and enter into a contract with your home seller to pay $500,000. You give the real estate agent
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Real Estate Investment Trends
Real Estate Investment Trends Indiana real estate Idaho real estate Maryland real estateIf you’re tracking where home real estate investors are putting their money these days, forget Miami, Naples, Vegas, San Diego and LA, start thinking about lower-key places like South Bend, Indiana; Pocatello and Boise, Idaho; and the northern Maryland panhandle. According to a new analysis of mortgage data
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Hawaii real estate news
Hawaii real estate newsMaui, Hawaii, saw a decline in real estate sales activity during the first half of this year. Experts are reporting that it slowed by as much as 27 percent. This is a considerable drop for any location and has caused a slowing in home price appreciation as well. The average home sales price increased just 1 percent -- though that brings the average to over $1 million notes
08/19/2019 02:49 AM

Chicago Real Estate
Chicago Real EstateGaining momentum in the 2nd quarter this year, Geneva, Illinois, has seen a significant increase in real estate prices this year. Geneva is a suburb of Chicago, that is known for its historic downtown and charming neighborhoods. Experts are reporting that the market, while growing, is neutral at this time. It is neither a home buyers paradise nor a home sellers paradise, but
08/19/2019 02:49 AM